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Paintings: Acrylic on canvas or Encaustic

Visionary Paintings

Diana Marisa Brachvogel’s paintings fascinate through their unique aesthetics, harmony and beauty. They transport messages from deep inside which lead to a higher level of consciousness. The pictures are spiritual imprints of the artist and remind the viewer of his own inner god-given beauty, hence, influencing men in a positive energetic way.

The centration of most of the painter’s works is symbolic for the unfoldment of the soul; one example is the opened lotus blossom, which in Eastern wisdom teachings, often allegorizes an accomplished soul. Also the colours have symbolic character: yellow-gold stands for joy / bliss, rose-pink for divine love, light blue-turquoise for inner expanse and spiritual clarity, and violet for the mystery of the soul’s transformation. Also genuine gold and semi-precious stones can be found in the works which were already exhibited in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart etc.

Extended journeys to Asia inspired D. M. Brachvogel in her individual style of painting and expression.


Many paintings are available as a reproduction which is re-colorized by hand at a reasonable price. Also post cards with an aphorism at the back side!




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