My way

Since my earliest childhood I`v been interested in the background of everything in life.

I never just put up with anything, but I wanted to know the “why” behind, which surely often bothered my parents. My mother told me once, that I didn`t talk very much when I was a child – but I observed everything with an awake spirit and sharp eye. It was a matter of insight for me. At the age of eleven, I came face to face with the theme of reincarnation. In school I came in touch in ethics with the philosophy of the ancient Greek, which fascinated me very much.


When I was a teenager I read books about angels after having a deeply touching apparition of an angel. In my early twenties there came a time of inner breaking-up for me. It was then when I had first experiences in the supraconsciousness. I began to acquire knowledge of different wisdom traditions through books, lectures, workshops etc., just everything which could help me in developing myself. I devoted myself to spiritual teachings of East and West. First with the hinduistic world-view, then with buddhism, finally with new age and the early christianity.


I did shamanic journeys, family constellations, sweat lodge ceremonies, silence retreats, was initiated in various meditation techniques, passed through the living-on-light-process, went to spiritual media, channelings and astrologists, visited ashrams and the legendary palm leaf libraries in South India to find out more about my genuine self and the mysteries of life. They were exciting, intensive and cathartic adventure voyages into the inner spheres of live. The education at the school “Earth” is not to beat! But it isn`t always easy to walk the mystic path of insight, because it leads also through dark valleys. Thanks God I often got support from my spiritual teacher; nevertheless there are stretches of way which the soul has to walk on her own. On this path I got the blessing of boundless precious experiences and had expansions of consciousness into another dimensions, which opened my heart and let me grow innerly step by step.


To realize finally: That what I was searching for, has always been within me! And that you cannot find it outside yourself! In deep contemplation I experienced wonderful visions of divine bliss. Statueses of consciousness which delete every wish – independent of outside circumstances. I was suddenly aware that this was the goal of life. I felt so completely “arrived”.


In the divine light of truth and love we can blossom like a flower in the bright sun light. 

In our own rhythm, without pressure and hurry, without the need of comparing us with others all the time, we can enfold our individual beauty and our unlimited potential.


Through art these inner qualities of man can be activated. So it is my aspiration to bring this joy and magnificence into this world and expressing it in a creative way.


About myself

I´m educated in acting, singing and dancing (Jazzdance).

As a result of many years of searching for deeper insight, the wish to connect art with spiritual contents was born.

In addition to my occupation on theatre and musical stages, as actress, moderator for TV and radio, singing performances and engagements for audio books, I expanded my field of creativity with classical Indian dance.

At the same time my skills in painting and composing of natural fragrances developed intuitively.

Also my extended journeys through Asia, which intensively nurtured my inner growth, contributed to my distinctive creative style.

Under the name of “Lucid Flower” natural parfumes, paintings und products with energetic flower designs are available which I would describe as follows:

“My paintings, which are often enriched with genuine gold, are an expression of inner visions.

I trust that the viewer realizes the inner message of them.

The flower designs, which I work with, have arised during a long period of time and support our heart to open and our soul to blossom.

The flower symbol was tested in the European laboratory of Dr. Emoto, and a beautiful, clearly structured crystal became visible.

My natural fragrances consist of an alcoholic base as conservation and pure, organic essential oils – and so they have the same effect on body, spirit and soul as we know from aromatherapy.”

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