The Lucid Flower Symbol

Visionary art lets our soul blossom, because it reminds us of our own inner beauty and joy.

My flower symbol supports the soul´s enfoldment, because the flower reminds us of our principal task: The flourishing of the soul with all its capabilities!

This light flower, which has intuitively grown in me, stands symbolically for a blossomed soul in the divine garden of bliss.

In the thousands of years old Eastern wisdom traditions, an accomplished soul is often compared to an opened lotus blossom.

The lotus has always been standing for purity and perfection.

After having designed this flower I noticed that in the Indian chakra system the heart chakra is pictured with six main and six sub petals. Without knowing I had integrated this into the Lucid Flower symbol.


Room-Energizing Blossom

of acrylic, gold- and silver-coloured

Room-Energizing Bloosom of acrylic (gold- and silver-coloured)

The Lucid Flower Room-Energizer consists of stabil, but light acrylic with a diameter of 40 cm. One side is gold-, the other one silver-coloured, so it matches to every style of furniture. This energetic trinket also looks beautiful at a window.

Lucid Flower Shirt 

with embroidery

Lucid Flower Shirt with embroidery

The Lucid Flower Shirt with its soft quality made of 100% organic cotton looks very elegant and radiates a positive heart energy! The precious, gold-coloured embroidery, and also the velvet 3 D-print "Lucid Flower by Diana Marisa" at the neck are made in Germany and washable upto 30°C. This shirt is in white colour instantly deliverable. For ladies and (because of risen demand also now for gents) in the sizes: S, M, L, XL. If you like to have a different colour or size, write me an e-mail.

Lucid Flower Pendant

with different gemstones

Lucid Flower Pendant (filigree lotus pendant made of solid sterling silver - with different gemstones)

This filigree, three-dimensional crafted pendant is made of 925 sterling silver and decorated with a faceted gemstone.

It is currently available in the colours lilac (amethyst), light blue (blue topaz), yellow (citrine), green (peridot), red (garnet), white (rock crystal or zirconia) and pink (rose quartz or tiger stone)!

This energizing jewel comes to you with a matching cord in a nice box and a small organza bag!

Lucid Flower

Water-Energizing Coaster

Lucid Flower Water-Energizing Coaster

The Lucid Flower Water-Energizer consists of easy-care acrylic and has a diameter of 10 cm. It is gold-coloured and stands on three little rubber pads.

This coaster is suitable for carafes and also for single glases and satisfies energetic demands as well as decorative purposes for a festive table.

My flower symbol has been tested by the European institute of Dr. Masaru Emoto (worldwide known for his research in the field of water informing), and a beautiful, clearly structured water crystal evolved as a result of informing the water with the flower symbol.

So the Lucid Flower water-energizing coaster can contribute to your physical and psychological well-being!

More Information about the foundation of Dr. Emoto:

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